Our Tallits

The Talled di Seta (Silk Tallit) is a handcrafted product with deep roots in European Judaism. Until the 1970s, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese Jews used these ivory silk tallits with blue stripes for their most personal and most important religious ceremonies.

Each tallit is a one-of-a kind custom piece. They are made out of silk by hand, with hand-knotted fringes and kosher tzitziot knotted according to the Italian, Spanish and Portuguese Jewish tradition. 

The packaging is handcrafted with quality, limited edition materials. Each tallit is produced entirely in Italy and is an heirloom to be handed down generation to generation.


The Talled di Seta brand was born out of a desire to reconstruct these heirloom products and to share their tradition and handcrafted artistry with the world. 
After meticulous archival research, we pieced together the traditions behind their assembly and manufacturing and began our own production line. All Talled di Seta's silk tallits are made under the supervision of the Jewish Community of Rome, respecting the Italian Jewish tradition and the Alachà.