About us

Talled di Seta was founded by Dora and Sofia Piperno, two passionate Italian young women, heirs to an ancient family tradition in the heart of Italy.

With special dedication, we craft silk Tallit, not just ordinary Jewish prayer shawls, but sacred symbols of devotion. Each Tallit, woven according to the  Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, and Mediterranean traditions, becomes a unique work of art, a living testament to Jewish faith and rich cultural diversity.

In addition to the exquisite silk Tallits, we offer a wide range of handmade products in Italy, including Hallà covers,  Mazzà covers, silk Kippot, Kiddush cups, Tallit and Tefillin cases. We exclusively use high-quality materials, and much of the production process is carried out manually.

We are committed to creating textile masterpieces exclusively in Italy, collaborating with local experts to ensure utmost perfection in every detail. Our signature lies in customization, weaving the cultural roots of our clients into the silk Tallit, from elegant initials to family symbols. This customization option makes our products unique and suitable for every home and tradition.

Furthermore, we are pleased to think that our Silk Tallit can be part of the concept “Hiddur Mitzvah" is a Hebrew phrase that translates to "beautifying the commandment" or "enhancing the commandment." and making the mizvah more beautiful and aesthetically pleasing.  Adding an element of beauty and aesthetics to enhance the spiritual experience.  with the goal of elevating the religious experience.

We invite you to join us on this extraordinary journey through time, where craftsmanship and ancient traditions merge to create a sustainable and refined future. Welcome to our world, where each silk Tallit is a unique and precious work of art, woven with love, respect, and dedication.

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